Ubuntu-10-04-Radiance-and-Ambiance-Themes-for-Google-Chrome-2As we have found in our recent Google Chrome for Linux review, the fledgling web browser is already a viable alternative to established ones like Firefox. However, its innovative UI may be appealing both visually and practically, but it certainly sticks out from among the other Linux apps. A lot of people hate apps that don’t integrate well with the visual theme of their OS, so Chrome was probably missing out on a lot of potential users.

But those already employing the upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx are in luck, as they now have a couple of Google Chrome themes for both the “light” and the “dark” versions of Ubuntu’s visual revamp. And the best part is that they’re both available in Google’s own online gallery.
Fans of the popular Linux distro probably already know that Ubuntu is planning a rather thorough visual revamp in the upcoming LTS (Long Term Support) release, the biggest since Ubuntu burst onto the scene almost six years ago. Gone are the recognizable, though not particularly appealing, shades of brown and orange, replaced with, well, other shades of brown and orange.

While there is a continuity with the old look, the new themes are much better looking and of noticeably higher quality. But you don’t have to take our word on it, you can check them out here. The new Ubuntu theme comes in two flavors, Radiance and Ambiance, and, getting back to Chrome, they both served as inspiration for a couple of new Chrome themes.
Getting a hold of them is easy enough:
– the Radiance theme for Google Chrome is available here;
– the Ambiance theme for Google Chrome is available here.
Installing them is dead simple, just click on the bright-blue button and that’s it, not even a restart required. The best part is that, unlike most user-created Google themes, these two are on par, quality-wise, with everything Google has to offer by itself and almost as good as Ubuntu’s own themes. And if you want to complete the look, be sure to also get the Ubuntu light-themes scrollbars extensions from here.
Google Chrome for Linux is available for download here on Softpedia.